critical analysis the yellow wallpaper using the book literature for composition, 11th edition

critical analysis on the yellow wallpaper using the book literature for composition, 11th edition pages 991-1001 for quotations and work cited page.

This is a critical analysis of your choice of short stories from those listed in bold in the unit assignments. While you may need to summarize some of the story or characters for your essay, this assignment is not a simple summary of the plot; and a plot summary submitted instead of a critical essay will receive a poor grade.
Basic Essay Requirements
Take a critical position with a well-developed thesis statement (underline your thesis statement, which should appear in the first paragraph).
Include at least one direct quotation from the story you select; and it, along with any other references, should be cited in the text using MLA guidelines. (While the paragraph numbers provided in the text can be useful references while you write your essay, proper citations for this essay should indicate page numbers.) Note: Analysis and explication of any quotation from a primary or secondary source is required (the quotation does not explain itself, so you must explain how it supports or relates to your argument).
The essay should be approximately 1000-1250 words plus an attached Works Cited page for any sources you referenced in writing your essay. (Generally, one-inch margins with 12-point Times New Roman font is standard formatting.) Your presentation content and organization will be 80% of the grade while 20% will be based on your clear and concise thesis statement and MLA documentation (in-text and works cited).
Short Story Essay Topic Suggestions
Some possible essay topics for the short story essay assignment are listed below. You can write a perfectly functional essay without any secondary sources; however, for a few of these topics you will need outside sources. You are not limited to these topics; but if you need some guidance beyond the prompt-questions in the "Elements of Fiction" Checklist, then feel free to use one of them.
Select one element of the story (characters, settings, symbols, point of view, etc.) and explain why that specific element is a key feature to interpret the story.
Select and discuss the use of specific symbols in a story and explain how they establish significance within that story.
Compare / contrast the representation of a specific theme within a story (technology, fear, gender dynamics, revenge, etc.).
Compare / contrast two characters from within the same story.
Use an outside theoretical framework (psychology, sociology, gender studies, etc.) as a means to explicate the significance of a story through its elements. Be certain to focus on how you interpret the story through the framework rather than present an overview of the framework itself.
Explain why the story represents a certain cultural / historical movement. Be certain to cite outside sources for an objective account of the movement and to use in-text citations from the story as evidence for your argument.

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