This SLP continues your analysis of the organization you nominated in SLP1. WALMART
You may find it convenient to review the thumbnail descriptions of the various logistical functions, found in SLP1.
For this SLP, please address the organization’s involvement in reverse logistics. The nature of reverse logistics depends upon the organization. Not all of the following topics may be relevant; please address those that are.
How the organization handles customer returns, to include return policy.
Organizational participation in recycling and repurposing efforts
Organizational responsibility for after-end-user disposal and pollution
Organizational involvement in customer efforts to increase efficiency and decrease waste
Submit the assignment for grading by the end of this Module.
SLP Assignment Expectations
Follow the instructions in the BSBA Writing Style Guide (July 2014 edition), available online at The paper should include a cover sheet and a reference page.
There are no guidelines concerning length. Write what you need to write – neither more, nor less.
The relevant features of the organization should be described in sufficient detail to support the argument. Provide citations to relevant sources, such as the organization’s homepage, press releases, annual reports, and articles about the organization published elsewhere.
The argument should make explicit use of the Module materials. Background Info sources should be cited. The use of other relevant material located online is encourages.
A standard citation and reference style should be used. APA style (see the Style Guild) is encouraged. Other acceptable styles are MLA, Chicago and NYT.

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