Abstract & Critique
Please note that the 2 articles that you select and are approved will be the only articles that you use for your management project.
Read and abstract that article that was selected from Beachboard.
The abstract and critique should be about one page of single-spaced discussion (must be a minimum of 600 words). Please use a 12-point font such as Times New Roman or similar font. Your abstract and critique should be written as a flowing paragraph
I review a student sample of an Abstract & Critique in the last few minutes of the video lecture for this assignment.
Check your originality score after submitting your paper. Ideally, your score should be less than 15%. If it is higher, than go back and look at what is highlighted on your paper and add appropriate citations. Higher scores are usually associated with excessive cut and pasting. Paraphrasing and citing within the text is the best route to take when writing. I am only concerned with the work that you are submitting as your own and do not give weight to titles of articles or templates.
The Abstract: the abstract portion of the paper should indicate (1) the purpose of the article (2) the methodology used (if applicable) such as how the data for the study was collected, how many subjects, and under what conditions; (3) the findings or points made in the article, and (4) the conclusions that the author made based on the research.
If your article is a Review of Literature then follow these directions The Abstract: the abstract portion of the paper should indicate (1) that this article is reviewing the literature on a particular topic OR the reasons why the researchers are exploring the literature on a specific topic (2) the themes that emerge from the review or the themes covered in the review should be identified (3) elaborate on the themes or provide a brief overview on the themes and (4) the conclusions that the author made based on the review.
The critique: the critique includes (1) why the article was selected (2) how the article relates to material discussed in lecture or the text (3) the student’s evaluation of the issues raised in the article and whether you agree with the author.

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