This SLP continues your analysis of the organization you nominated in SLP1. WALMART
You may find it convenient to review the thumbnail descriptions of the various logistical functions, found in SLP1.
For this SLP, please address the organization’s involvement in reverse logistics. The nature of reverse logistics depends upon the organization. Not all of the following topics may be relevant; please address those that are.
How the organization handles customer returns, to include return policy.
Organizational participation in recycling and repurposing efforts
Organizational responsibility for after-end-user disposal and pollution
Organizational involvement in customer efforts to increase efficiency and decrease waste
Submit the assignment for grading by the end of this Module.
SLP Assignment Expectations
Follow the instructions in the BSBA Writing Style Guide (July 2014 edition), available online at The paper should include a cover sheet and a reference page.
There are no guidelines concerning length. Write what you need to write – neither more, nor less.
The relevant features of the organization should be described in sufficient detail to support the argument. Provide citations to relevant sources, such as the organization’s homepage, press releases, annual reports, and articles about the organization published elsewhere.
The argument should make explicit use of the Module materials. Background Info sources should be cited. The use of other relevant material located online is encourages.
A standard citation and reference style should be used. APA style (see the Style Guild) is encouraged. Other acceptable styles are MLA, Chicago and NYT.

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Writing Assignments Critical Thinking Writing Assignments: Students will complete TWO critical thinking writing assignments as detailed below: Students will be required to utilize the American Psychological Association (APA) Publication Manual – 6th Edition for all writing assignments. This information can be found in the APA manual that was required for this course. In addition to APA formatting, papers must be free of typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors. Each writing assignment will consist of a title page, text/analysis (6 pages double spaced) and references. Do not provide an abstract. The 6 pages of text/analysis does not include the title page or reference pages. A research paper draws conclusions from research; this is not an opinion paper. You will lose 1 point for every time I see “I” in your paper. Your paper will have at least 5 references. Writing Assignment 1-The topic of this paper is the history, mission, organization, agencies, and private security relationships associated with the Federal Department of Homeland Security.

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Abstract & Critique
Please note that the 2 articles that you select and are approved will be the only articles that you use for your management project.
Read and abstract that article that was selected from Beachboard.
The abstract and critique should be about one page of single-spaced discussion (must be a minimum of 600 words). Please use a 12-point font such as Times New Roman or similar font. Your abstract and critique should be written as a flowing paragraph
I review a student sample of an Abstract & Critique in the last few minutes of the video lecture for this assignment.
Check your originality score after submitting your paper. Ideally, your score should be less than 15%. If it is higher, than go back and look at what is highlighted on your paper and add appropriate citations. Higher scores are usually associated with excessive cut and pasting. Paraphrasing and citing within the text is the best route to take when writing. I am only concerned with the work that you are submitting as your own and do not give weight to titles of articles or templates.
The Abstract: the abstract portion of the paper should indicate (1) the purpose of the article (2) the methodology used (if applicable) such as how the data for the study was collected, how many subjects, and under what conditions; (3) the findings or points made in the article, and (4) the conclusions that the author made based on the research.
If your article is a Review of Literature then follow these directions The Abstract: the abstract portion of the paper should indicate (1) that this article is reviewing the literature on a particular topic OR the reasons why the researchers are exploring the literature on a specific topic (2) the themes that emerge from the review or the themes covered in the review should be identified (3) elaborate on the themes or provide a brief overview on the themes and (4) the conclusions that the author made based on the review.
The critique: the critique includes (1) why the article was selected (2) how the article relates to material discussed in lecture or the text (3) the student’s evaluation of the issues raised in the article and whether you agree with the author.

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This statement is related to the mission and the values of Loyola Marymount University. Answer the question which accompanies the statement. This essay, usually around 500 words, is your chance to display your critical and creative thinking.

First read the prompt, then answer the question that goes along with it.
Speaking about education, Dr. Martin Luther King once said, “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.’’

Prompt question:
Critical thinking is a central goal of Jesuit education, and at LMU you’ll be asked to think critically and intensively in every class. Dr. King suggests that critical thinking results in our ability to inform intelligence with character, and strengthen character with intelligence. Please talk about a situation that demanded critical thinking from you, and how your choices or decisions integrated intelligence and character.

If there is something that you dont understand please ask me dont write it.

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I want you to answer this question (6. What gender differences do you see, if any, between how men and women respond to love? ) and then write a reaction paper using this two questions (1. What information in the exercise was most significant to you? This could include new information, new insights, or information you are hesitant to accept. Why was it significant to you?
2. How do you think the exercise will change what you will do in the future? Give reasons for change or lack of change.
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This past couple of weeks you have just studied the topics of mean, median, mode, quartiles and standard deviation. Now, we are going to use these mathematical concepts to analyze the weights of the Tiffin University football team. Attached is a roster of the players with their weights, and an electronic form of this data is available on the course webpage.


Data Analysis:

  1. Find your own personal sample of 30 players by starting at the player named in the email that accompanied this assignment. Start counting with the next person on the list, and take every third person on the list until you get 30 people. (Jump to the top of the table if you run out.)
  2. Compute the five-number summary using the sample data above and then construct a box-and-whisker plot for the data. If you wish, you can use the graph template document and stretch the elements to fit your data, or draw the graph neatly and accurately by hand.
  3. Calculate the mean and standard deviation for the sample data.
  4. Use the mean and standard deviation from Part 3 to create an Empirical Rule graph (normal curve). Compare the curve to the box and whisker plot to determine if the data “roughly” follows the Empirical Rule. If you wish, you can use the graph template document and stretch the elements to fit your data.
  5. The population mean for the entire team is 213.8 pounds and population standard deviation for the entire team is 48.4 pounds. Compare these to the results for step 3. Do your sample statistics fairly represent the population parameters?

Report your findings:

In addition to submitting all work and calculations (whether done by hand or on Excel), you are to submit a word-processed 6-paragraph summary of the assignment and your findings. The summary should be formatted with one paragraph for the introduction , one paragraph of analysis/interpretation for each of steps two through five listed above, and a one-paragraph conclusion. The summary should not detail your method of calculations, rather it should report and interpret the results of your calculations and what they mean. Submit the data, the calculations, the graphs, and the analysis paper to Moodle or to the instructor on or before the due date.

Note that a readable picture of the graphs is acceptable in a Moodle submission.


2017 Football Roster

# First Name Last Name Pos. Cl. Ht. Wt. Hometown
70 Warsame Aden OL So 6”6” 300 Columbus- Ohio / Hilliard Bradley HS
19 Riley Adolph QB Fr. 6”2” 210 Findlay, OH / Van Buren HS
10 Jalen Alexander DB Sr 5”10” 190 Miami Gardens- Fla. / Miami Carol City HS
71 Mohammed Amer OL Fr. 6”7” 350 Gahanna, OH / Gahanna HS
40 Scott Arnold Jr. TE Fr. 6”2” 250 Lancaster, CA / Eastside HS
88 Antonio Atkins WR Sr. 5”7” 165 Bowling Green, KY / WKU
28 Martin Bailey RB Sr 5”8” 200 Buffalo, NY / Kenmore West HS
28 Kamazi Bell CB Fr. 6”1” 187 Gahanna, OH / Gahanna Lincoln HS
25 Roamelle Bell CB Gr. 5”9” 185 Shaker Heights- Ohio / Shaker Heights HS
15 Brice Beverly WR Fr. 6”2” 180 Columbus, OH / Westerville North HS
49 Jon Blankenship DT So 6”0” 260 Dunkirk- Indiana / Jay County HS
34 Avion Boyd LB Sr 5”11” 225 Toledo- Ohio / –
80 Daesean Brooks WR Fr. 6”4” 185 Lorain, OH / Lorain HS
2 Dontrael Brown WR Sr 6”1” 180 Maple Heights- Ohio / –
1 Kyle Brunson RB So 6”1” 205 Farmington Hills- Mich. / Farmington Hills HS
52 Conner Buchanan LB Fr. 6”0” 205 Avon, OH / Avon Lake HS
33 Brandon Burks OLB So 6”2” 230 Reynoldsburg- Ohio / Pickerington Central HS
62 Mason Butler OL Sr 6”3” 305 Malvern- Ohio / Minerva HS
77 Jeremiah Campbell OL So 6”6” 318 Gahanna- Ohio / Gahanna Lincoln HS
2 Victor Cave DE Jr 6”1” 240 Cincinnati- Ohio / Glen Este
65 Trent Clark OL So 6”1” 290 Dayton- Ohio / Trotwood-Madison HS
94 Amon’Ra Clay DL So 6”0” 265 Atlanta, GA / North Atlanta HS
37 Troy Clay RB So 5”9” 190 Springfield- Ohio / Northeastern HS
55 Charlie Cleveland DE Fr 6”4” 245 East Chicago, IN / Central HS
92 TJ Coates Jr. DE Fr 6”3” 230 Columbus, OH / Olentangy Orange HS
89 Nathan Coffman TE So 6”5” 235 Crestline- Ohio / Crestline HS
36 Gavin Collins RB So 5”11” 205 Syracuse, NY / Christian Brothers Academy
60 Thomas Combs OL So 6”5” 290 Lisbon- Ohio / United Local HS
11 Carrington Contee DB Jr 5”10” 180 Tracey’s Landing- MD / Southern HS
72 Andrew Crooks OL Fr. 6”3” 285 Powell, OH / Olentangy Liberty HS
31 Alec D’Angela LB So 5”10” 190 Windsor- Ontario- Canada / Holy Nomes HS
20 George Daniels IV ATH Fr 6”1” 180 Reynoldsburg, OH / Eastmoor HS
45 Blake Darnell TE So 6”2” 255 New Lexington- Ohio / New Lexington HS
31 Jewan Davis RB So 5”10” 195 Fredericksburg- Virginia / James Monroe HS
7 Tyler Denton WR Jr 6”0” 200 Hamilton, OH / Hamilton HS
39 Brayton England LB So 5”11” 185 Greenwood, IN / Greenwood Community HS
26 Adam Evans WR Fr. 6”1” 195 Indianapolis, IN / Southport HS
85 Zack Exalus WR So 6”5” 208 Fairfield, OH / Winton Woods HS
13 Brock Fargus QB Jr 6”2” 205 Zanesville- Ohio / Tri-Valley HS
16 Hunter Fentress QB So 6”1” 175 Clarksville- Ohio / Clinton-Massie HS
13 Cameron Fox DE So 6”3” 230 Hamilton, OH / Talawanda HS
14 Zach Goecke DB So 6”0” 205 Spencerville, OH / Spencerville HS
30 Ryan Grooms LB Jr 6”3” 230 Grove City- Ohio / Grove City HS
21 Landon Hall LB Fr. 6”2” 220 Wapakoneta, OH / Wapakoneta HS
35 Mykel Hambrick RB Fr. 5”7” 210 New Castle, PA / New Castle Junior/Senior HS
4 JaQuan Hardy RB So 5”10” 217 Westlake, OH / Westlake HS
58 Blake Harper OL Jr 6”0” 285 Dayton- Ohio / Clayton Northmont HS
4 Austin Harris CB Fr. 5”11” 170 Woodbridge, VA / Forest Park HS
93 Cardell Harris DE Fr. 6”0” 195 Southfield, MI / Southfield HS
27 Al Haynes RB Jr 5”9” 190 Bellevue- Ohio / Bellevue HS
63 Dave Heil OL Jr 6”5” 310 Galloway- Ohio / Columbus Saint Charles
18 Jordan Hissong WR So 6”1” 178 Fort Wayne- Indiana / Leo HS
3 Jordan Holder DB Fr. 5”10” 170 Indianapolis, IN / Lawrence North High School
5 Charles Holland WR Sr 6”3” 210 Columbus- Ohio / West High School
48 Dwight Holsey SS Fr. 5”10” 190 Detroit, MI / Fitzgerald HS
20 Daijohn Isbell DB Sr 6”3” 210 Long Beach- Cal. / Citrus JC
43 Austin Jasper DL Sr 6”4” 285 Earlville- N.Y. / Sherburne-Earlville HS
9 Davon Johnson WR So 5”11” 178 Cleveland- Ohio / Benedictine HS
21 Richard Johnson WR Fr. 5”11” 175 Columbus, OH / Harvest Prep HS
26 Sean Johnson LB Sr 6”1” 195 Miramar- Florida / Jackson State
64 Eric Jones OL Fr. 6”2” 305 Cleveland, OH / Euclid HS
8 Vinny Jones DT Sr 6”4” 280 Dublin- Ohio / Dublin Coffman HS
38 The-Moor Kelly LB Fr 6”1” 215 Cincinnati, OH / Archbishop Moeller
17 Noah Lenz WR Fr. 5”8” 172 Perrysburg, OH / Perrysburg HS
22 Nick Lewis LB Sr 6”2” 205 Sacramento- Cal. / Mt. Sac JC
17 Justin Lockett CB Fr. 5”10” 170 Cincinnati, OH / Walnut Hills HS
51 Keegan Lowe LB So 6”1” 220 Port Clinton- Ohio / Port Clinton HS
90 Troy Lucius TE Fr. 6”3” 240 Tiffin, OH / Hopewell-Loudon
32 Devon Lynch WR Fr. 5’6″ 170 Bloomfield Hills, MI / Bloomfield Hills HS
84 William Martin TE So 6”1” 230 Rockford- Michigan / Rockford HS
79 AJ Mattia OL Fr. 6”4” 422 Tiffin, OH / Harvest Temple HS
2 Tyreese Mays RB/DB Fr. 5”9” 161 Pontiac, MI / Waterford Mott HS
99 Harry McCollum P Gr 6”3” 215 Arlington Heights, IL / Saint Viator HS
78 Nate McLaughlin OL Fr. 6”0” 255 Massillon, OH / Massillon Washington HS
12 Colin McNamara QB So 6”1” 175 Fairview Park- Ohio / Fairview Park HS
35 Alexander Melfe DE Fr 6”3” 230 Delaware, OH / Homeschool
83 Darnea Merrell II DL Fr. 5”11” 300 Toledo, OH / Toledo Whitmer HS
15 Jacob Mertus OLB So 6”0” 205 Tallmadge- Ohio / Tallmadge HS
95 Joe Metcalf K Fr. 6”0” 195 Lewis Center, OH / Olentangy Orange HS
59 Azell Mitchell OL Gr. 6”4” 290 Cincinnati, Ohio / –
8 Brandon Mitchell WR Fr. 5”7” 158 Columbus, OH / Westerville North HS
11 Brayden Moon WR Fr. 5”9” 180 Fostoria, OH / St. Wendelin HS
23 Ross Moore CB Jr 5”9” 160 Lake Orion- Michigan / Orchard Lake St. Mary’s
3 Daigien Morgan CB Jr 6”0” 205 South Bend, IN / –
83 Blane Murillo WR Jr 5”8” 178 Lakeland- Michigan / Pinckney
29 Jawan Nelson DB Jr 5”11” 175 Livonia- Mich. / Clarenceville HS
36 Tyler Nichols LB Fr. 6”0” 191 Fairborne, OH / Paulding HS
33 AJ Nickoli WR Fr. 6”1” 185 Lexington, KY / Lexington HS
66 Tomas Oldham OL So 6”1” 315 Blanchester- Ohio / Blanchester HS
48 Donovan Parker WR Fr. 6”1” 180 Southfield, MI / Cass Technical HS
12 Brandon Patterson RB So 5”11” 178 Whiteland- Ind. / Whiteland Community HS
46 Zack Penrice WR Fr. 6”2” 170 Toledo, OH / Start HS
13 Marcus Perrin WR Fr. 5”6” 147 Massillon, OH / Massillon Washington HS
61 James Pruitt DT So 6”2” 315 Columbus- Ohio / Linden-McKinley HS
54 Marvin Radford DT So 6”1” 273 Dayton- Ohio / –
91 Jamar Randolph DE Sr 6”1” 240 Columbus, OH / Columbus Beechcroft HS
91 Brandon Reed WR Fr. 5”10” 160 Mansfield, OH / Northwestern HS
85 Nathan Richmond WR Fr. 6”3” 180 Centerville, OH / Centerville HS
12 Hunter Rockwell RB Jr. 5”11” 205 Vallejo, CA / Newark Memorial HS
47 Johnny Rupp LB Fr. 6”0” 220 Maumee, OH / Anthony Wayne HS
47 Michael Sabol DE So 6”2” 250 Middleburg Heights, Ohio / Holy Name HS
14 Jalen Santoro WR Sr 6”1” 170 Bellevue, OH / Bellevue HS
74 Logan Schneider OL Jr 6”3” 290 Alexandria- Ky. / Campbell County HS
97 Logan See LS Jr 6”0” 220 Grove City- Ohio / Grove City HS
6 Tony Shead Jr. WR Sr. 6”1” 200 South Bend, IN / South Bend Clay HS
86 Jamal Slappy WR Jr 6”2” 205 Columbus- Ohio / Centennial HS
29 Connor Smith WR So 5”9” 170 Madison, OH / Madison High School
82 Tremayne Smith WR So 5”7” 165 Gahanna- Ohio / Gahanna Lincoln HS
24 Trent Stamm TE Sr 6”3” 225 Bellevue- Ohio / Bellevue HS
41 Billy Strozier III DB Fr. 6”0” 165 Menter on the Lake, OH / Mentor HS
87 Victor Talley WR Fr. 6”4” 190 Brunswick, OH / Brunswick HS
57 Ridge Tarwacki OL So 6”4” 305 Edwardsburg, MI / Penn HS
28 Devin Taylor DB So 5”10” 188 Grand Rapids- Mich. / East Kentwood HS
49 Robert Taylor RB So 5”9” 170 Maple Heights- Ohio / Maple Heights HS
96 Coleman Tennyson DL Fr. 6”2” 300 Columbus, IN / Columbus South HS
16 Clarence Turner WR Jr 6”3” 210 Detroit, MI / –
88 Cody Tyler WR Fr. 5”9” 156 Fremont, OH / Fremont Ross HS
50 Nate Uzelac LB Fr. 6”2” 200 Bloomdale, OH / Elmwood High School
47 Pedro Velasco RB Fr. 5”10” 182 Cleveland, OH / Kenston HS
3 Jihad Vercher QB Sr 6”1” 205 Los Angeles- Cal. / American River JC
5 Justice Waller DB Fr. 5”10” 175 Columbus, OH / Mt. Healthy HS
40 Darius Washington CB Jr. 5”11” 182 Waldorf, Md. / Westlake HS
39 Chrystian Watkins SS Fr. 5”10” 195 Cincinnati, OH / Moeller HS
17 Nick Watson QB Fr. 6”0” 190 Cincinnati- Ohio / La Salle HS
96 Nick Wheeler WR Jr 6”2” 190 Mansfield- Ohio / Crestview HS
22 Cam White WR Jr 6”1” 196 Lima- Ohio / Lima Central Catholic HS
86 Roger White DB Fr. 5”10” 170 Clarkston, MI / Lake Orion HS
10 Derell Williams WR Fr 6”0” 170 Cincinnati, OH / Mount Healthy HS
35 Jacob Williams CB Fr 6”1” 191 Fairlawn, OH / Copley HS
45 Justin Williams WR Fr. 6”0” 164 Holland, OH / Holland Springfield HS
40 Michael Williams WR So 5”7” 150 Toledo- Ohio / Roy C. Start
19 Robert Williamson DB So 5”7” 150 Columbus- Ohio / Beechcroft
50 Ryan Wofford DE Fr. 6”5” 245 Detroit, MI / Brother Rice HS
93 Gavin Woods WR Fr. 6”3” 180 Carey, OH / Carey HS
44 AJ Wright DE Sr 6”3” 267 Willoughby- Ohio / –
32 Delan Wynn CB So 5”9” 152 Farmington Hills- Mich. / Southfield HS
42 Tyan Young LB So 6”1” 186 Indianapolis, Ind. / –
68 Matt Zolkin OL Fr. 6”7” 296 Columbus, OH / Olentangy Orange HS


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Assessment overview

In this individual assessment task you will be required to produce a strategic recommendation based on the analysis your team conducted in Assessment 3. This assessment gives you the opportunity to express your independent opinions and ideas through the use of a PowerPoint slideshow and an accompanying script. Your audience is the Marketing Manager of your selected brand/company from Assessment 3, to whom you directly report.(see attachments )

You will also dedicate a portion of your script to highlighting key discussion points for your manager regarding your perceptions of how successfully you worked as a team as part of Assessment 3. Discussing the level of success in your team and the role(s) you took within the team assists in enhancing your knowledge and skills for effective teamwork and collaboration.

This assessment supports unit learning outcome 1, unit learning outcome 2, and unit learning outcome 4.

EBOOK – MKTG3 with Student Resource Access 12 Months, 3rd Edition
Author: Charles W. Lamb
VBID: 9780170276399

Assessment details

PowerPoint presentation

Your audience for this presentation is the Marketing Manager of your selected brand/company from Assessment 3, to whom you directly report.

From the segmentation model developed in Assessment 3: Team marketing strategy, your team will select one segment to be the focus of your slide presentation. Your individual presentation should cover the following points:

Why you’ve selected this one segment to focus on as your target market. Why is this segment a good opportunity to grow sales?
A product or brand position (value proposition) – identify one key feature of the existing product and explain how it:
appeals to your target market
provides a point of difference to your competitors.
Present recommendations of how you would modify the marketing mix (4Ps) to communicate this value proposition to your target market:

Provide four recommendations, one for each of the 4Ps (product, place, price and promotion).
Ensure your recommendations are ethical and socially responsible (take a look at the Week 12 learning materials for some guidance). This Triple bottom line reporting in Australia: a guide to reporting against environmental indicators (548KB PDF) may also come in handy as you prepare this section of the slideshow presentation.(see attachments)


Remember to include a reference list at the end of the presentation.
The text in your PowerPoint presentation will NOT be included as part of the specified word count for this assessment.
You are not required to produce any audio to accompany the presentation.

There will be two parts to the script, however, you will be required to submit the script as one Word document.


Prepare a script to accompany your PowerPoint slide presentation (above), imagining you are talking through each slide to your manager.

Remember to clearly define which slide the script is talking to.
Part 1 of the script should be contained to no more than 1000 words.

Once you have completed Part 1, present your responses to the following questions as discussion points you will have with your manager regarding teamwork:

What rating would you give the team you worked with for Assessment 3 out of 10 (10 being the highest level of success)?
What factors do you think contributed to the level of success your team had and the degree to which you worked effectively as a team. Provide specific examples from your experience to illustrate these factors.
What was your contribution as a team member?
What is one thing you would do differently in online teamwork in the future.
Part 2 of the script should be contained to no more than 300 words.

Some tips for Part 2 of the script

Use the template provided as a guide for the information to present in your report.
Revisit Tips for successful teamwork from Swinburne Online’s student portal (a login will be required) to help frame your thinking.
If you used the team charter (DOC 62 KB) template provided to you for Assessment 3, you may be able to draw upon examples from:
the success of your team in meeting the goals set
your contribution to the team
how this learning experience will help you in the future.
What makes teamwork effective?

‘The most effective teamwork happens when individual contributors harmonise their efforts and work toward a common goal. Good teams don’t typically happen by accident; hard work, commitment and some amount of struggle are usually involved in creating successful teams. But teams that go through the rigors of creating a cohesive group are rewarded with higher productivity, fewer internal struggles and a more enjoyable work experience.’

Schatz (n.d.)
Submission details

Please submit both your PowerPoint presentation and script through Turnitin. More detailed information is available in the Assessment 4 folder in Blackboard.

Assessment criteria

Justification of target market.
Identification of the value proposition.
Communication of the value proposition using the marketing mix.
Written expression.
Teamwork discussion.

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(write an initial post of 300 words minimum. This post should feature your answer to the question. It should include at least a thesis statement, two or three arguments, and two or three relevant pieces of evidence. )

Based on your readings of the primary documents and of Chapter 21, answer the following question in 300 words or more:

In this week’s discussion, I ask you to think about and explain an inner contradiction within the Communist Manifesto. The 1848 text puts forward the following theory: the history of humanity is just a succession of times of oppression by the bourgeoisie over the working class interrupted by a few revolts led by the working class. Marx and Engels predicts that there is an upcoming and unavoidable revolt led by the working class that will break this vicious cycle. They argue that the Industrial Revolution has put too much power in the hands of the bourgeoisie, which led to too much suffering for the working class, and that it is not sustainable much longer. Knowing this, why would Marx and Engels praise so much the success and contributions that the bourgeoisie made to the world? For example, "The bourgeoisie, by the rapid improvement of all instruments of production, by the immensely facilitated means of communication, draws all, even the most barbarian, nations into civilization." (The Communist Manifesto, p. 3)


Make sure to use quotation marks (ex: "") when you pull ANY specific wording from the documents. This is particularly important with words that have a different cultural meaning and use in our current society (think of the use of "negro" in the 16th and 21st centuries). By using quotation marks, you acknowledge that these terms are historical artefacts.

Make sure to add the document title in italics and the page number in parenthesis at the end of your quote. Replace the # by the page number of the quote or paraphrase you will use.
The in-text citation is: (The Communist Manifesto, p. #)
Answer in 300 words minimum.

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Research Proposal to Provide Engineering Services

we chose Postmates company

Research Proposal to Provide Engineering Services

Using your class assignments to date, and new research, prepare a proposal detailing the knowledge your team intends to create. Include the following sections in your proposal:
1. Introduction.
Explain the broad background against which you will conduct your research. You should include a brief overview of the general area of study within which your proposed research falls, summarizing the current state of knowledge and recent debates on the topic. This will allow you to demonstrate a familiarity with the relevant field as well as the ability to communicate clearly and concisely. *Talk about the company/app, use context about company/app, articulate the problem that you are addressing.
Justify to the audience that what we are studying is relevant – address the benefit(s) of the study.*

2. Statement of Purpose
You should clearly identify the research problem your report seeks to address.
3. Research Question(s)
The proposal should also set out the central aims and questions that will guide your research. Before writing your proposal, you should take time to reflect on the key questions that you are seeking to answer. This is a great way to determine if your project is sufficiently narrow and feasible
4. Methods
Describe the methods of investigation your team will employ to create the answers like you order food using a postmates
5. Potential Implications/Significance for the Research
Your proposal should explain why your research is important. In other words, you need to clearly explain some potential benefits your report might bring about relative to the problem you are attempting to address.
6. Management Plan
a. Describe the job titles, descriptions, and roles you expect each team member will fulfill during the assignment.
b. Include an external experts, advisors, or other supporting individuals that may benefit your analysis, even if they aren’t formal members of your team
c. Create and present a project organization chart illustrating the relationships between the engaged personnel.
7. Budget
All proposals describe the resources required to complete the project, and budgets can be structured in many ways. For this assignment, your team has been allocated 100 XP to distribute among yourselves as you see fit. Think of these XP as equity shares in your company, and create a budget allocation of these XP among your team members. Also, describe the expectations placed upon each team member that will result in award of these XP. Finally, describe the decision-making structure your team will employ at the end of the product to determine the final XP allocation. *How are you going to allocate the resources
Think critically about how much XP should be budgeted. Create a spreadsheet with amounts and justifications for those amounts. *


8. References
Compile any citations used that support your proposal.

*Finance principles must be used in the report.
Ethics – think about, discuss the ethical implications of the results

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Prospectus: Sexual selection theory

Natural selection is one of the standing points of evolutionary biology. The struggle for survival has always made different kinds of organisms evolve and choose the best suitable partner for the reproduction. This means that some individuals are more ‘fit’ than others. They are more likely to leave the offspring with their genes and enlarge population. Leaving aside cultural factor unconscious biological impetus plays a vital role in a choice of the partner.

Charles Darwin’s most popular idea was about natural selection; however, he had one more theory, about sexual selection, which was neglected for a century probably because of the puritan Victorian society (Mota 2010). Nowadays, this is a wide field of view, enabling the science to discover mechanisms of animal and human evolution. The cornerstone of the theory is that the evolution has not ended, and although the scientists have always paid more attention to birds and fish, the natural and sexual selection are shaping the mankind too (Darwin 1899). The influence of evolutionary biology is observed in the biomedical research, microbiology, and engineering (Losos et al. 2013).

The evidence of the sexual selection’s influence is a very controversial yet very fascinating and significant topic for the research. Geoffrey Miller points out that the sexual selection can be even smarter than the natural one (Miller 2001). In his book ‘The greatest show on Earth: the evidence for evolution, Richard Dawkins states that the conscious selection is the only sensible reason for modification of species, and genetic change happens on a small scale so that it is  imperceptible ( Dawkins 2009). However, nowadays, people tend to be taller than hundred years ago and have more symmetrical facial features. Bright colors attract not only predators but also females. The sexual selection is usually stronger in males; nonetheless, women tend to choose handsome partners as well (Collerton 2009). The outer layer of the researched issue is obvious: the choice of a partner depends on physical characteristics approved by society and can be proven using church records and long-term study of appearance. (Hsu 2012). The inner layer is the study of genetic changes through the generations; the development of the human brain is also considered to be a desirable option, attractive for the opposite sex.

Although the topic of this research is extremely complicated, and the scientist all over the world are struggling to make progress in exploring the process of sexual selection, this is a new and promising direction, which can lead to amazing discoveries about life on Earth.



Collerton S. 2009. Evolution makes women more attractive [Internet]. Ausadcastin corporation; [cited 2017 Sep 15]. Available from:

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Dawkins R. 2009. The greatest show on Earth: the evidence for evolution [Internet]. New York (NY): A Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.; [cited 2017 Sep 15]. Available from:

Hsu C. 2012. Sexual Selection Continues to Shape Human Evolution, With Men Becoming More Attractive [Internet]. Medical Daily; [cited 2017 Sep 15]. Available from:

Losos JB, Arnold SJ, Bejerano G, Brodie ED, Hibbett D, Hoekstra HE, Mindell DP, Monteiro A, Moritz C, Orr AH, Petrov DA, Renner SS, Ricklefs RE, Soltis PS, Turner TL. 2013. Evolutionary Biology for the 21st Century [Internet]. PLoS Biology; [cited 2017 Sep 15]. Available from:

Miller GF. 2001. The mating mind: how sexual choice shaped the evolution of human nature [Internet]. New York (NY): Anchor Books; [cited 2017 Sep 15]. Available from:

Mota PG. 2013. Darwin’s sexual selection theory – a forgotten idea. Antropologia Portuguesa. [Internert]. [cited 2017 Sep 15]. Available from:

Ridley M. 2004. Evolution [Internet]. Malden (MA): Blackwell; [cited 2017 Sep 15]. Available from:

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