course name: Comparative Politics of the Middle East
topic has to do with MENA regions only. you need to choose two countries to do the research on

Research proposal – This requirement asks you to work with themes you are particularly interested in examining. It asks you to develop a clear and informed thesis statement, a tentative outline and a list of 10 preliminary sources that will guide your research. Your grade will depend on the originality and coherence of your topic, and the pertinence of your sources.

dont forget thesis statement a strong one + a tentative outline + mention why you choose this topic.

in the reference page divide them according to the subtitle of the paper

PART 2 not responsible to do for now but keep in mind
further research paper must include Research Paper– Your research paper will involve significant research on your part. It will use the comparative approach in order to study and compare 2 institutions, historical events, or political aspects of your choice based on the readings covered in class. It will ask you to address a specific question, formulate a thesis statement and to clearly express an educated opinion (meaning based on intensive reading and research) on the particular issue of your choice. It will also test your understanding and use of the readings and the sources cited, as well as your ability to critically synthesize the academic material covered and to apply its concepts to specific questions.
Your paper should include a literature review under a subheading clearly titled Literature Review. In your Literature review – you should do the following:

– Cluster sources into 2 or 3 themes that address the main questions of your paper;
– Summarize the main arguments of the sources and say why and how they help you answer your questions; in other words, Explain the rationale for your selection of sources
– Comment on patterns of similarity and dissimilarity between sources and say how they lead you to your thesis;

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